Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Man cleavage...Just say No

Is it to much to ask, too crazy a thought that men could possibly keep there cleavage hidden away? I know this makes me judgemental, but on a serious note, its truly offensive. Why? Why, do you need to show off your pecks in a low cut v neck t shirt? Yes most of these guys have bigger boobs than me, but come on, When did it become appropriate? When did Topman decide that, giving a man a chance to show off their boob, was in fact fashionable? Look I'm all down with equal rights and a right to be unique and free choice and all that...except when it comes down to these t shirts. Fashion is so awkward to talk about. Your either too fashionable or too unfashionable, or your trying too hard to be unfashionable or your trying too hard to be so fashionable that you look like everyone else...yes yes yes I get it. You cannot win. As a girl its possibly way harder than it is for boys. But I can make it really easy for many guys! Leave the low cut V neck to that woman judge off Dancing On Ice. And even then I find it offensive! These man boob images make me be sick a little in my mouth. But team these t's with some lace up 'All Saints' boots, I'm done, I have lost the will to live...I am full on projectile vomiting. I hate being so judgemental but there's only so much I can take. 'The Wanted' 'JLS' please. Give it a break and on another note, please stop wearing make up and threading your eyebrows. Having other 'girls' eyebrows to be envious of is more than enough, but the fact that Marcus from last years X Factor, had better brows than me? Well quite frankly its outrageous, creepy and dare I say it, really not fair!

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